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There is much more to Wicca than spells.  Please realize that and put that knowledge to good use.



Rituals do not require expensive tools, candles or incense--but we humans often find it helpful to use physical objects to focus our energy. Some believe that you should find rather than buy these objects, while others believe you can buy them for yourself or receive them as gifts. However your tools come into your life, they should be ritually cleansed and blessed to assist you in your magickal workings.

Pronounced a-tha-MAY or ATH-a-may, this symbol of the element of air is a misunderstood tool of the witch. The magickal knife is used only to direct energy and never to hurt ourselves or another in any type of sacrifice. Some witches believe that the athame should not be used for mundane purposes such as cooking or cutting herbs, while others (sometimes known as "kitchen witches") believe that that such use makes sacred every day tasks. Regardless of what you believe, your athame should be a black or dark handled knife. Remember--always be careful when handling a sharp object!

The wand, or staff, is a tool of the element of fire. It is usually used in invocations of the God and Goddess, and can also be utilized to draw magickal symbols on the ground or direct energy. Some witches paint, add feathers and beads, or otherwise decorate their wands, while others leave them unadorned.

The chalice is a symbol of the element of water. It can be used for salt water cleansings, filled with water on your altar to represent the element of water, or filled with wine or juice during ritual and shared within the circle.

The pentacle is a symbol of the element of earth. The five pointed star is usually inscribed on a round, flat piece of clay, metal or wood, and articles to be consecrated (blessed) are placed upon it.

The cauldron is a symbol of the center and of transformation, as well as a tool of the Crone. It is here that we mix herbs and potions as part of our spell craft.

Book of Shadows
A collection of spells and rituals that you or your coven keep to chronicle your magickal workings. It can be a hard bound blank book that you fill, a notepad, a folder of loose papers, a computer file or even a website. Many traditions require that your Book of Shadows be kept secret and only shown to initiated members of your coven; however, as we move further away from the threats of the Burning Times, many groups and individuals share their books with the public in order to foster learning and openness. Please respect the rules of any groups you have affiliated yourself with regarding the sharing of their Book of Shadows.

Long associated with witches and flying, the broom is an excellent tool for psychic as well as physical cleansing and purification. Laying a broom across the threshold is believed to protect the home, and couples also jump over a broom in weddings and handfastings for luck and fertility.**


More To Come!!!