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The Bumbling Turtle


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The Goddess has summoned you.


Her voice is alive in your mind, whispering like a treasured secret.  You have been listening to it for some time now.  It strengthens when you glimpse a candle burning in a window or breathe the scent of morning dew dripping from the grass.  It gathers as you tread the lonely path into the woods at twilight.  On those chilly moonlit nights-the sky glittering with starts, the trees haloed by silver-her voice speaks to you with the cadence of an old friend, and time is lost to the magic of a single moment.  You have beheld the Mystery: it is invisible but present, indescribable but visceral. 

The Goddess is nearby.*

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*Paige, Anthony.  Rocking the Goddess. Citadel Press Books. New York, 2002.