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The Bumbling Turtle
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Just some more Wiccan info...

Thinking about becoming a Witch?  Take the quiz to learn your true feelings.



Witch Quiz:


  1. How did I become interested in Wicca?
  2. Why do I feel an affinity with the Goddess?
  3. What is my perception of a Witch?
  4. What do I know about magick?
  5. Has there been an event in my life influenced or impeded my spiritual interests?
  6. Will I be capable of handling the demands of practice with work, school and social activities?
  7. What do I hope to gain from the practice of rituals and spells?
  8. What is the Wiccan Redt?
  9. What are my spiritual goals and aspirations?
  10. Who are my role models?*

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Magick and Ritual


*Paige, Anthony.  Rocking the Goddess. Citadel Press Books. New York, 2002.